Mira Cardicoat in Oat

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When a comfortable jacket and a cardigan make a baby. Made out of our plushy recycled fishing nets fabric, this hybrid piece has improved fit, deep pockets, wide sleeves, and midi-length so that you feel like you’re wrapped in clouds. Seriously, you need to feel this fabric to understand how soft it truly is.

Materials + Care  * Content: 76% Modal 15% Recycled Nylon 9% Spandex * Care: Machine wash cold inside out and lay flat to dry

Size + Fit * Fit: Classic * Model: 30" B / 25.5" W / 39" H / 5'9.5" wearing  * Length: XS (41 3/8") - 2XL (47 1/4")

Also available in the colour Mocha.

Less fishing nets in the ocean, more pyjamas in disguise. We use regenerated nylon sourced from discarded fishing gear in the ocean to save marine animals and help reduce crude oil and CO2 emissions. Benefits of recycled fishing nets; moisture wicking, adaptive comfort, super stretch.